Justine Firnhaber-Baker wins AHRC early career fellowship

Justine FBDr Justine Firnhaber-Baker has won an early career AHRC fellowship to fund work over the next two years on a project entitled ‘The Jacquerie and Late Mediaeval Revolts’. The fellowship will allow her to spend most of the next two years doing research for and writing a monograph on a peasants’ revolt known as the Jacquerie that took place in northern France in 1358. She will carry out much of the research for that book in the national and regional archives of France and in the Bibliothèque nationale. The fellowship also provides funding to hold two conferences on the phenomenon of late medieval revolt and popular protest at St Andrews in 2014 and 2015. (An initial conference on this topic is being held next week, 19-20 April, with the support of the School of History and the St Andrews Institute for Mediaeval Studies.)

PeasantsRevolting (nosocachorros.blogspot)The papers from those conferences will form the basis of a collection of essays on late medieval revolts in comparative perspective. The fellowship also provides funds to support a post-doctoral research assistant who will co-edit this book with Dr Firnhaber-Baker and who will also help put together a web site that draws together the historiography on medieval revolts. The total value of the fellowship is £196,095.

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