Robert Vinson of William & Mary College in St Andrews

vinson_contactDr Robert Vinson, University Associate Professor for Teaching Excellence and historian at the College of William & Mary, recently visited St Andrews as part of the collaboration between St Andrews and William & Mary. Dr Vinson writes:

“I had a wonderful time during my recent visit (March 30-April 7) to the University of St Andrews, as part of the faculty exchange program between it and the College of William and Mary. There was a bit of everything in the trip: stimulating lunch conversations with colleagues Emma Hart and Frances Nethercott, and informal chats with a number of other faculty members and post-graduate students.  My guest lecture offered an initial opportunity to make some sense of ongoing research for my next book and, as part of St Andrews’ Open Minds Week I attended a lecture delivered by a psychology professor on the neuroscience of drug addiction. A fascinating talk indeed.

Robert Vinson

There were also memorable dinners and good conversation with Frank Muller, Bernhard Struck and Tomasz Kamusella, and some good Champions League football viewing with Bernhard, Frank, and Nick Blackbourn. Of course, I toured the castles, cathedrals, museums and golf courses in St Andrews and had an incredibly thrilling day in lovely Edinburgh. Last, but certainly not least, I also had two fabulous evenings playing and talking tennis with staff in the School of History.”

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