Tonight at MUSA – History students and Victorian magic lanterns

Photo by Evan Wilson, CC BY ND

Photo by Evan Wilson, CC BY ND

A group of St Andrews undergraduate historians will be presenting the results of their work to the public tonight, talking about Victorian magic lanterns and cameras, and providing demonstrations and activities for children. Their presentation will be part of the ‘Science in a Snapshot’ evening at MUSA as part of the Fife Science Festival 2014. The students’ talk has grown out of their work on Dr Aileen Fyfe’s special subject on ‘The Technologies of Victorian Britain’ (MO4930). An account of a similar event held last year, likewise with the participation of students from the School of History, can be read here.

All are welcome. Entry to MUSA for the event between 6 and 9pm is free, with refreshments provided, although booking is required for the pinhole photography workshop.

About standrewshistory
With over forty fulltime members of staff researching and teaching on European, American and Asian history from the dawn of the Middle Ages to the present day, the School of History at the University of St Andrews has one of the finest faculty and diverse teaching programmes of any School of History in the English speaking world. The School boasts expertise in Mediaeval and Modern History, from Scotland to Byzantium and the Americas to South Asia. Thematic interests include religious history, urban history, transnationalism, historiography and nationalism. The School of History prides itself on small group teaching, allowing for in-depth study and supervision tailored to secure the best from each student. Cutting edge research combined with teaching excellence offer a dynamic and intellectually stimulating environment for the study of History.

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