Monthly Round Up: May and June


Dr Shanti Graheli was awarded a three months residential fellowship by the Fondazione Cini in Venice, for the project ‘Italian antiquarian booksellers in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries and the rarity of the book’. This will be taken up in spring 2017.

Dr Heidi Mehrkens and Dr Kelsey Jackson Williams will be leaving St Andrews. Dr Mehrkens will be joining the University of Aberdeen as a lecturer, and Dr Jackson Williams will be joining the University of Stirling as a lecturer.

Dr Aileen Fyfe has joined with Professor Ineke De Moortel of the School of Mathematics and Professor Sharon Ashbrook of the School of Chemistry, to launch the booklet ‘Academic Women Now’.

Staff Activity

On 7th May, Dr Emily Michelson gave a paper, ‘Christian preachers and Jewish critics in early modern Rome,’ at the annual peripatetic Venetian Seminar, held this year in Edinburgh.

Professor Guy Rowlands wrote the article ‘Versailles: why world leaders should heed warnings from the fall of the French court’ for the Conversation.

Dr Aileen Fyfe was interviewed by the PLOScast  about the history of publishing and peer review.

Dr Camilla Mork Rostvik was interviewed by Research Fortnight about her work on the refereeing process at the Royal Society in the 1950s and 1960s – and especially its gendered elements.

On 30th May, Dr Shanti Graheli gave a talk entitled ‘Translatio imperii, translatio studii. Renaissance translations of the classics between Italy and France,’ at the conference Renaissance in Translation, held at the Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw.

Dr Tomasz Kamusella delivered two talks on the invitation of the University of Ljubljana. Both lectures are available online. He was also interviewed on Radio Slovenia.

chivalryRecent Publications

Tomasz Kamusella, James Bjork, Timothy Wilson, and Anna Novikov (eds.), Creating Nationality in Central Europe, 1880-1950: Modernity, Violence and (Be) Longing in Upper Silesia, (Routledge, 2016) 

James Palmer, ‘Apocalyptic outsiders and their uses in the early medieval West’, in W. Brandes, F. Schmieder & R. Voss (eds.), Peoples of the Apocalypse: Eschatological Beliefs and Political Scenarios, (Berlin & Boston, 2016), pp. 307-20.

Katie Stevenson and Barbara Gribling (eds.), Chivalry and the Medieval Past, (Boydell Pres, 2016)

About standrewshistory
With over forty fulltime members of staff researching and teaching on European, American and Asian history from the dawn of the Middle Ages to the present day, the School of History at the University of St Andrews has one of the finest faculty and diverse teaching programmes of any School of History in the English speaking world. The School boasts expertise in Mediaeval and Modern History, from Scotland to Byzantium and the Americas to South Asia. Thematic interests include religious history, urban history, transnationalism, historiography and nationalism. The School of History prides itself on small group teaching, allowing for in-depth study and supervision tailored to secure the best from each student. Cutting edge research combined with teaching excellence offer a dynamic and intellectually stimulating environment for the study of History.

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  1. Guy Rowlands says:

    Thanks for this, but, for the record, I’ve been Professor for a year now….
    All the best,

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