Dr Alessia Meneghin appointed to ERC project at University of Cambridge


Dr Alessia Meneghin, who was awarded a PhD from St Andrews in 2011, has been appointed to a three-year position as Research Associate in Italian Renaissance Studies at the University of Cambridge. Dr Meneghin will be working on an innovative and interdisciplinary project funded by the European Research Council and led by Dr Abigail Brundin (Modern and Medieval Languages), Prof. Deborah Howard (History of Art and Architecture) and Dr Mary Laven (History).


130114-renaissance-pietyThe project Domestic Devotions: The Place of Piety in the Renaissance Italian Home, 1400-1600 brings together the study of books, buildings, objects, spaces, images and archives in order to understand how religion functioned in the Renaissance and Catholic home, and will investigate practices of piety of the artisanal household in three significant zones: Naples and its environs; the Marche in central Italy; and the Venetian mainland.

Dr Meneghin’s doctoral research on ‘The unglamorous side of shopping in late medieval Prato and Florence : the Ricordanze of Taddeo di Chello (1341-1408), and Piero Puro di Francesco da Vicchio (1397-1465)’ was supervised by Prof. Frances Andrews.