Transnational History – Calls for Papers

SWWprojectThe GRAINES network, of which the St Andrews Centre for Transnational History is an active member, has recently released its call for papers for this year’s summer school, taking place in Vienna. This year’s theme is “The European City in Transformation: from the Early Modern Period to the Present”.

The Flying University of Transnational Humanities has also released a call for papers for this year’s meeting at the University of Pittsburgh, which can be downloaded here. The theme is “Globalization East”. Dr Bernhard Struck and Dr Konrad Lawson, both of St Andrews, have recently joined the FUTH steering committee.

Plans are currently underway to bring both the GRAINES summer school and the FUTH annual meeting to St Andrews in the summer of 2015.

Centre for Transnational History featured in GRAINES Summer School


The GRAINES network was launched in 2010. It brings together scholars from six different European institutions – Basel, Prague, Cologne, Vienna, SciencesPo Paris and the Centre for Transnational History in St Andrews – who work broadly on themes in European history from transnational perspectives.

GRAINES was launched as a loose network that organizes workshops and summer schools, which provide a platform for exchanges for interested postgraduate students and thus enhances the international postgraduate community.

We are now hosting our first summer school under the theme “From the Margins. Revisiting European History, c.1400 to present”. The summer school will be held at the, nicely chosen, Mediterranean SciencesPo campus in Menton, near Nice. For three days it will bring together some 22 PhD researchers from GRAINES and beyond from more then ten different countries as well as ten members of staff.

St Andrews will be present with five PhD students who will be presenting aspects of their fascinating research ranging from perceptions of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Thirty Years’ War, networks and institutions related to the European Space Agency to perceptions of Scotland and Bavaria as inner European margins and Geneva between Enlightenment urban centre and isolation during the Napoleonic period.

In the long term we are hoping to create a travelling summer school that will move between GRAINES institutions. For 2014 we are looking at Vienna before, hopefully, bringing the event to St Andrews in 2015. GRAINES and its activities are open to all interested colleagues and PhD students. Please feel free to get in contact with either Bernhard Struck or Tomasz Kamusella.

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The Conference Programme is available below: