The Undergraduate History Conference 2014 – Call for Papers

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This academic year the St Andrews History Society is organising its very first undergraduate history conference on Saturday 22 February 2014.

The conference is an opportunity for undergraduates to explore and expand their interests in a particular historical topic or theme in a challenging but supportive environment. Students will be able to test ideas, developing those all-important academic and professional skills.

The History Society hopes that the conference will attract undergraduate historians from other universities to St Andrews.


The theme of the 2013-14 conference is Individuals and Impact in History. The Society is requesting papers that take as their central focus an individual who made a particular impact. The theme can be widely interpretedsome issues that could be explored include:

  • Specific contributions of individuals to particular fields (science, politics, religion etc.)
  • Relationships with institutions, movements, groups or/and other individuals.
  • Approaches to the study of individuals, e.g. psychohistory, anthropology, literary approaches.
  • Representations and realities, myths and legends.

For more information on papers and how to submit a proposal please see

Launch of the St Andrews Historical Journal

St Andrews Historical JournalThe undergraduate St Andrews History Society has resumed publication of its journal under the new name St Andrews Historical Journal. The Journal is an entirely student-run history publication, which seeks to provide a less formal outlet for the historical musings of the St Andrews community and beyond.The St Andrews Historical Journal  will publish a series of short notes online each Monday and Thursday in term time, covering topics from Ancient to Modern times and offering insights into our writers’ areas of interest.
The first issue of the third volume of the print edition will be available in February, which now exclusively features extended essays delving into topics in greater depth than the online notes.
Further information about the St Andrews Historical Journal, including how to contribute, can be found here. Contact