Honours Option MO3043 Early Modern Rome visit Rome November 2012


Members of MO3043, Early Modern Rome, enjoyed a class trip with module tutor Dr Emily Michelson to the eternal city in week 10. We examined how the medieval city was rebuilt in the 15th and 16th centuries with new roads, bridges, and palaces, and expanded further up the city’s seven hills in the 17th century, all through the lens of patronage of public works and buildings.

Above: students study a ceiling fresco at Palazzo Berberini

Besides the obligatory Vatican visit, we paid special attention to Palazzo Barberini, which demonstrates the propaganda efforts of prominent families, and the Ghetto, founded in 1555, which altered longstanding relations between Jews and Christians in Rome.  Other highlights included a view of the city from the Janiculum, and significant gelato research in the 18-degree weather.

Honours Module ME3309 Mediaeval St Andrews visit to MUSA

This week students taking ME3309 Mediaeval St Andrews, the honours module co-taught by Drs Alex Woolf, Michael Brown and Katie Stevenson, visited MUSA to see the collections on the early history of the University. Curatorial trainee Naomi Muir spoke to the group about the display of the objects as well as the history of the collection. Students have the option of writing a small assessment exercise on the Papal Bull of Benedict XIII, which is one of the gems held by Special Collections, or the Mace of the Faculty of Arts, one of three of the finest university maces to have survived from medieval Europe.