New Palgrave Series Co-edited by St Andrews historians

Modern Monarchy Series - call for proposals (2)-page-001The School of History is pleased to announce a new monograph series which has grown out of the AHRC-funded Heirs to the Throne project based in St Andrews. The series, “Palgrave Studies in Modern Monarchy”, will be co-edited by Professor Frank Müller (head of the Heirs project) and Dr Heidi Mehrkens, both of St Andrews, alongside Dr Heather Jones (LSE) and Professor Axel Körner (UCL). The series seeks to explicate a Long Nineteenth Century in which monarchy, far from declining after the execution of Louis XVI, continued to play a significant role in political and constitutional concerns across Europe. “Palgrave Studies in Modern Monarchy” will bring together monographs and edited collections exploring the state of monarchy after the end of the ancien régime. The series seeks to achieve a wide geographical and thematic coverage, and looks forward to welcoming studies examining a broad range of aspects of the modern monarchical world.

The formal series announcement and invitation for proposals can be found here.